Beach Safety

Vacation is a fun time to relax and unwind but you always have to be safe while relaxing! When you're having a beach day, there are a few things you should always keep in mind.


Ocean Safety

- Be Aware of Rip Currents and Ocean Conditions

Rip currents or rip tides can be very dangerous and can pull you out to sea quickly. If you find yourself caught in a rip current, remain calm and swim parallel to shore until you're no longer being pulled. If the flags are red at the beach, DO NOT SWIM. If they're yellow, express extreme caution.


For more information on rip currents and to view a larger chart, click on the image to the right.


- NEVER Swim Alone 

Always swim with a buddy and always keep an eye on children playing in the water


- Swim In Front of a Lifeguard 

You should always swim in front of a lifeguard just in case something happens that you can't handle on your own. Lifeguards are always there to help.




Beach Accesses With Lifeguard Stations 


Kitty Hawk  Byrd Street  Kitty Hawk Bath House
  Eckner Street  


Kill Devil Hills Helga Street Hayman Blvd
  Avalon Street 5th Street
  3rd Street 2nd Street
  1st Street Asheville Drive
  Woodmere Ave Ferris Ave
  Raleigh Ave Carlow Ave
  Sutton Ave Ocean Bay Blvd
  Oregon Ave Martin St
  Atlantic Street 8th Street 


Nags Head Albatross Street Bonnett Street
  Hollowell Street Enterprise Street
  Epstein Access Forrest Street
  Gray Eagle Street Jennette's Pier 
  Gulfstream Street Hargrove Street
  Ida Street Indigo Street
  Juncos Street Limulus Drive
  Coquina Beach  



Sun Protection

Sunny days on the Outer Banks beg for long days on the beach or by the pool. Make sure you're taking care of your body with these essentials:


- Always Apply Sunscreen 

Always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. When applying, pay special attention to the nose, ears, scalp, and shoulders. 


- Stay Hydrated 

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water while you're out playing in the sun



 image via WeHeartIt


- Wear Sun Friendly Clothing 

Hats and sunglasses are the best options for sunny days spent by the beach or pool. Try your best to wear a cover up to minimize sun exposure. In the event you do get sunburned, try your best to stay out of the sun and wear large, loose fitting clothing to avoid further skin irritation. 








Keep Our Beaches CLEAN!


Help do your part and please, keep our beaches clean! All public beach accesses feature garbage cans for you to place your trash at the end of your beach day. Also, clean up after your pets. Pick up your pets' waste and throw it away, please don't bury it in the sand. Pet waste contains harmful bacteria that can spread disease.